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Sunday, September 04, 2005

The beginnings of blogging

I mentioned to Fil the other day that I had started a blog. He shrugged his shoulders and threw a disgusted look at me.

"Oh god. Not you as well. It's so boring lah, this blog thing. Everyone's got one... so what are you writing about? The sad little details of your life?"


"Ok, yah I suppose you have enough to talk about. But there's already like a million sex blogs out there."

Which is true.... But, hey everyone's got different stories and I have my own way of telling them. Actually, I thought I'd start this blog because I suddenly realised the other day that I have few hobbies that I bother to keep up with. It was one of those tired old online forms I had to fill up about my "interests." They didn't have "boys" or "smoking cigarettes by a bay window" on it anywhere. But they did have "reading/literature" and I thought I would try to squeeze myself into that by writing something that maybe two people might read...eventually.

Anyway, I figured it might be kind of nice when I'm an old married woman with saggy boobs to look back and read about the good old days of getting laid and being desirable.

And you can never have too much sex, even if you're just reading about it, which I promptly pointed out to Fil.

"You just like the idea that some sad guy who's not having any sex is beating off to your blog, right?" he asked.

"Yah, well. Not like that lah. But you know, I might be helping out some people you know. Relieve their frustrations etc. It could be like the one little happy thing they get all day after a shit day at work and no social life. See, I'm doing society a service." (Who was I kidding?)

"You're sick, you know that," he said with resignation, before proceeding to tell me how his new girlfriend wouldn't let him come on her face. We all have our problems, eh.


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