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Friday, September 02, 2005

Coffee Boy II

They shouldn't have public holidays in the middle of the week - it destroys whatever pathetic remains of initiative I might have to do any work.

Anyway, coffee boy Daniel is cooking dinner for me tonight, in the posh spaces of his Bangsar condo (how does anyone afford Bangsar!). He's so genuine and sweet, it's almost frightening. I'm worried he might think I'm genuine and sweet too (and I'm far from that) and might actually be headed towards (gasp) a relationship of sorts.

How to let him down gently though? Hmmmm. I'd still quite like for him to come in my mouth though, before I drop the bombshell. It's all I've been thinking of since that Starbucks day. And that way, at least he'll get something out of the whole thing. Or am I being too cruel?!


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