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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Control freak?

Over the weekend I made the mistake of going to one of Tom’s step classes after a long absence. I say mistake only because I spent all hour getting turned on and missing my steps so I looked a complete fool. The girl next to me kept getting her toes trodded on and her board kicked by me, so she eventually squeezed herself somewhere else in the back. He kept grinning at me through the mirror and, during one of the water breaks, even had the cheek to shout across the room, “What lah you, doing everything wrong today!”

Few boys make such strong impressions on a girl with high expectations like me but I confess, I’m completely in lust. Tom is hot not just because he fucks good and can keep going like he runs on Duracell, but because he takes control, entirely and it’s unbelievably arousing. None of that worrying about whether I should be taking more initiative, whether I should be more aggressive, what what what, if if if. He’s in control and he’s good at it.

And mind, not controlling in that boring, tired way of most Chinese guys who deny the existence of foreplay and think that going straight in (literally) is confident and sexy. Tom takes control in the way that he’s aggressive about giving pleasure, making you come hot on his face, telling you you’re sexy-beautiful-dirty-bad all at the same time while he’s got two fingers up your pussy and jerking himself off with the other hand. He is desperately hot in the way he knows just what he wants and through some sort of weird connection, it ends up being just what you want too.

He makes you feel like a slut, down on your knees sucking his cock while he holds your head with one hand. But he makes you love feeling like a slut. He makes you feel how wicked and horny you really are or could be, and shows you how much he loves it that you’re so dirty when he spreads your legs and buries his tongue in your clit. And spectacularly, he always manages to figure out just what you want right then.

Like after this class when I was most wet, when all I was breathless for was the taste of his cock again, he took me home, made me lie down naked and tied my hands up above my head. Then he knelt over my face, eased his cock between my lips and made me suck him off with only the strength of my mouth.

“This is what you wanted just now in class, right?”

Just how did he guess.

I was almost dripping by then, begging for him to fuck me. So he did – you see, he’s controlling, but he does give you what you want as well. He took himself out of my mouth, pushed my thighs up to my chest and fucked me, making sure to ride up against my pulsing clit so that I came in less than a minute.

Just what a needed. And I didn’t have to do a thing.


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