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Short skirts, french knickers

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Sorry for not writing. I'm sure my grand readership of half a dozen (if that much!) is missing me terribly. I've actually been doing some work of late, and as a reward to myself for being so conscientious have spent all the remaining time out at play. All work and no play makes Rachel a dull girl, no?

Spent a splendid lazy weekend entirely with Tom. I haven't done this one-weekend-one-boy thing in a while so I even surprised myself. I even let him cook me breakfast. Actually, fortunately there was nothing edible in the kitchen so he had to run out to buy nasi lemak - always a better alternative to eggs and bacon. He had to teach at the gym all of Sunday so it was sex all of Saturday. Hurray for me. A whole day in between the sheets, in the shower, on the sofa, in the shower, on the floor, on the coffee table etc. He is great for never asking boring questions about my life and telling me boring stories about how heart breaking his previous relationship was (far too many men are like that too soon into the first date). He just tells funny jokes, stupid stories about his friends (who are also hot, I met them on Friday and almost persuaded him to let me take one of them home with us) and is a pro at giving multiple orgasms.

So I was monogamous for a whole weekend. How very applause-worthy of me. On the other hand, strange propositions over emails and the like have arisen from this blog. Even a sparse readership has led to something then...? All very kind, and I'm flattered by the attention but I'll have to decline the kind (and very interesting) offers. I'm determined not to become too insular by meeting men through this blog - it's supposed about chronicling sex stories, not using it to create new ones to tell.

Then again, if you do ever have the good fortune of meeting me, knowingly or not, and proving yourself worthy, you may just find yourself a momentary glimpse of blog-fame right here! Til then, you'll have to be content with just reading - keep your knickers on, don't get too excited.


  • I think you've just set a new world record for use of the word 'cock' on one page. If not then it's close. Keep it up (whew bad pun).

    By Blogger glomgold, at 9:42 AM  

  • All men love a slut. At least for the night...

    By Anonymous KemoSabe, at 1:02 PM  

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