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Friday, December 23, 2005

The older guy

So this older guy,F, I've been having a rather amorous affair with. And when I say affair, it really just entails being fed nice things, driven home to a fabulous apartment with a splendid view of the city and made to come like a hundred times a night.

That comment in the last blog was entirely right. The older man is far more - how shall I say - altruistic. Sex is fabulously slow and not because his age's caught up to him. No no. It's because when he says he loves giving women pleasure more than receiving it, he seems to really mean it. So foreplay is almost entirely mainplay. The in-out, when it happens is explosive. I play the young darling, he plays the old experienced gentlemen - actually we don't play, because we are, but it's nice to live up the stereotype role playing thing of being a shameless young floozy and be spoilt.

He plays connect-the-dots around my body with his tongue and his fingers, he strokes my neck, licks my ears and brushes past my nipples for an agonizing 25 minutes (I timed it on the clock across the room). Then he'll lie back and smoke, keep me on hold, while I frolick next to him and wrap my legs around his luring him back to play. He does eventually of course, but not before a lot of teasing on his part, pouting on mine. His hands to magic, and soon I am quivering, gasping for air and even wetter than before.

Sometimes he takes full control, gets demanding, commanding. Pulls my hair back as he's fucking me from behind and lots of "You're a ____ girl" (fill in the blanks with variations of "bad"), the emphasis being on the girl as a reminder of my everlasting youth (haha) and his maturity (because men like to be reminded of their superiority?) Let's not read into it too much. What can I say? I rather enjoy being the younger girl and fetishised that way.

Afterwards, he smooths down my hair and tucks me off to sleep, complete with kisses on the cheek, before he dresses and makes a quiet exit. How wonderful - no neurotic boys, no snoring boys, no clingy boys. Just great dining experiences in fabulous hotels and exquisite sex. Why don't all those boys hurry up and get to their 40s.


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