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Friday, December 16, 2005

Updates updates!

The writing has gone a bit sporadic again hasn’t it? Time flies when you’re not blogging and suddenly it’s been a month and I think I’ve lost all my readers. So I shall write for myself then.

So very much has happened that I don’t even know where to start. That was the problem you see – so much fun to be had, too many problems to untangle and the sudden explosion of work. There was no time left for writing! (You can only imagine all the thousands of interesting stories out there in the world that would make for great blog entries. They just never find their way onto your laptop screen because these people are out being far too busy and sociable and enrapt in their stories to actually sit down to write them all.)

Well, let’s see… the emotional wreck turned out to be a bit of a barmy case. He was far more emotional than he was ever physical and the sad air he carried around him weighed far too heavy of a toll on my happy psyche for me to want to pursue that one. A few days ago, I heard from his best mate that he’d started seeing some new girl. Then he shook his head in despair and tutted, declaring that it would only just mess up his head even more. And that’s just what we need isn’t it? More angst to distract from sex. You don’t think men like that are possible, but apparently… they are.

Daniel the coffee boy is still pestering me for dates. He’s turned into a bit of a charity case. Be careful who you sleep with: you end up having to take care of some of them and their dating welfare. Still, he’s earned a rather prestigious place in my heart as an adopted younger brother and I get terribly stroppy when bitchy girls treat him bad. He buys me, the big sister-mentor, coffee now and then (haha) and in exchange, I listen to his dating woes.

Because it’s the Christmas season and everyone’s heart is filling up with temporary warmth and good will, I have also been bombarded with phone calls from exes and flings from throughout the year. This, mind you, seems to be a yearly affair. Surely Maxis makes a killing just out of exes trying to rekindle sparks with their exes every December. After all, nobody likes spending Christmas opening presents on their own.

Most of them I remember, some of them not at all. (“Who? I’m sorry I think maybe you’ve got the wrong number?”). A few special ones I let take me out for a drink and seduce me by touching my thigh (seduction methods are so predictable these days). More often than not – because I’m also in the spirit of giving and goodwill, both to others and myself! – I take them home and many little gifts are exchanged next to my makeshift Christmas tree ;)

Also, I’ve started up a rather amorous affair with a 43-year-old. “He’s old enough to be your father!” snorted Fil (though with a slightly jealous tint to his smirk). But more on that later. Shan’t tell you all the stories all at once now, shall I?


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